Important information regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Qatar is suspending all incoming flights to Doha, starting from Wednesday evening, corresponding to March 18, for a period of 14 days, renewable, with the exception of air freight and transit flights, in addition to receiving any of the Qatari citizens coming from any destination in the world without specifying that with a period of time provided that Quarantine is applied to them for 14 days.

With regard to Qatari students located outside the country, we advise them to adhere to the policies in place in the study country with the readiness of the country's embassies to provide any of the necessary services, including facilitating the procedures for return to the State of Qatar if the need arises, and we also urge citizens and residents in the State of Qatar to avoid travel during the coming period.

The Embassy encourages Qatari citizens in Australia and New Zealand to register or update their personal details with the Embassy by contacting the numbers below. Moreover, in case of an emergency, please contact those numbers.